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I made icons, it's the apocalypse =x
No in true facts, I was waiting for KF to release the next ep, and well no sign of it yet =x so I downloaded 370 and 371- Sanji's all teary eyed face is so cute. I squeed and giggled. XD

6 Icons.
obv. Mostly... all Sanji XD; notmyfault.
Spoilers for 370/371

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So this time last year I was extremely depressed and had no lifelong ambition, or any idea what path to follow. I was having my meetings with Powys Training then, and then they just bunged me off to college to get rid of me. Of course you all know how that turned out.

I just wasn't in the right state of mind to deal with that kind of pressure. I was being thrown into the shark pit with no protection, so to speak. Not only did getting out freak me big time, but the social situations I was suddenly thrown into overwhelmed me so much, that it hid my depression again until that got to me, and I had to leave again.

So I was suddenly back in the situation where I had no direction in life, and no hope of ever managing to do anything with it. It was around that time that I decided enough was enough and I went to my doctor and got myself sorted out.

It was a very long and tedious path, I have to admit. There were some times I just wanted to give in because it was too hard-- but all of my good friends helped me out so much, and got me to the position I am in today. Because of you all, I'm able to look back at all of that, smile and carry on with my life without anything holding me back.

So basically, the point of this rather overly fluffy post is to say thank you. I mean it from the bottom of my heart; I honestly do. I couldn't ask for a better set of friends, and I love you all a lot. You mean the world to me, so don't ever change, y'hear?!

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Fiction post #1; A-Z One Piece Style; M is for Mikan Grove

A-Z One Piece Style
M is for Mikan Grove.
Rating: Teen; I rate everything teen at the minimum. S'just me.
Word count: 1102
Done: 1/26
Previous parts: N/A
Author: sanjisprinkles
Note: I've seen this done as art, where you draw something for each letter for a certain fandom/paring etc etc, and seeing as I suck at art I decided to do it in fic form. I wanted to do them in order, but I can't think of much for A just yet, and I really wanted to write something LuNa, hence how this came to be.

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